About The Sweetie Pies

✨J E S S✨
Baker. Influencer. Mom.
Inventor of the @HelloSweetiePies Pie Pop. Can recite Lafayette’s role in Hamilton flawlessly. Shops way too much. Loves 90’s movies.

✨R I T C H I E✨
Producer. Director. Dad.
Can almost always be found wearing a beanie. Has lost every pair of sunglasses he’s owned. Drinks too much coffee. Loves bad action movies.

✨L O G A N✨
9 years old
Current obsessions: Hamilton, Super Mario
Loves rides, musical theater, drawing comic books, and playing video games.
Wants to be: An imagineer, video game tester, and actor

✨W E S L E Y✨
6 years old
Current obsessions: Minecraft, Venus Fly Traps
Loves trains, dragons, listening to music, and skateboarding
Wants to be: A construction builder & a marine life photographer

✨V A D A✨
3 years old
Current obsessions: Beetlejuice, Jack Skellington
Loves babies, dancing, watching movies, and cleaning up after her brothers
Wants to be: Eating. Always.

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