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So You’re Going to Universal Studios Hollywood with a Pre-schooler!! PLAY AREAS, SHOWS, & MORE (Updated 7/2023)

Are you headed to Universal Studios Hollywood with a young kid in tow? Maybe that kiddo falls just short of 40 inches, or they’re not sure about rides yet. Not to worry! There is still so much you can do to make it a great day! Below are some ideas to help you plan out your itinerary.

Play Areas
Universal Studios Hollywood has 2 playground areas for kids under 48 inches- one on each level. On the upper lot is a small Minions themed playground located in Super Silly Fun Land across from the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem exit and next to the Silly Swirly Fun Ride. The lower lot houses a larger play area called Dino Play, with tons of things to climb and hands on play equipment. This is located next to the Jurassic World entrance so younger siblings have a place to let loose while older siblings go on the ride. 

The largest play area, though, is the huge water play area in Super Silly Fun Land. If you are planning on going into this water play area, make sure you are prepared. Bathing suits and towels are HIGHLY recommended… your kiddo will get wet in this huge splash pad. Also, water shoes are REQUIRED. I’ve seen plenty of people asked to leave for running around barefoot. I’ve also seen kids in socks, which just makes me cringe! When we are planning on hitting the splash pad, I make sure to bring a bathing suit and water shoes for each kid in a plastic bag so that I can put their wet bathing suit in it when we’re finished. Sand Cloud towels are so great to use here as they fold up and fit into just about any park bag! If you forget your water gear, it’s not a problem- bathing suits, water shoes, and towels are all sold just outside the area. They can get pricey, but if you’re in a pinch, it’s nice to have the option!

Water World is a fun stunt show, with a story that may be hard for younger kids to follow. My young daughter did enjoy it though! Again, it’s not too long that they will lose interest, about 30 minutes. There are plenty of stunts, pyrotechnics, boats, and other fun surprises that all kids will enjoy! Be aware of the splash zones and give them a buffer if you’re looking to stay dry. Splash zones get very WET!! 

Some of our best days at Universal Studios have been days when my daughter and I ride a ride or two and then simply visit characters. Some of our favorites for the kiddos are Scooby Doo and the gang, Minions, and Hello Kitty. If your preschooler doesn’t mind a scary look, Beetlejuice loves to goof off with potty humor that will have your child cracking up! And Frankenstein is tall and a little intimidating, but he is kind hearted and loves to dance and pick flowers. Just maybe stay away from the fountains. We will follow up this post with an ultimate characters post including everyone that you may see in a day at USH.

There are so many places at Universal Studios Hollywood for a 3 year old to explore and experience! Don’t be afraid to let your littlest ones tag along on your Universal Studios trip. See our previous post on rides and what your kiddos can experience, no matter their height. And most importantly, have fun!!


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    Isabelle Vita NYC
    April 4, 2022 at 5:02 pm

    I love Hollywood Universal Studios! Love the Hello Kitty photo 🙂

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