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So You’re Going to Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood!!

Are you headed to Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood this holiday season? We have some tips you may want to know before you go!

Go on a weekend day
I know it’s not always possible, but my biggest tip would be to go on a Saturday or Sunday. Whoville is amazing to look at, but on Saturdays and Sundays, it comes alive! Mayor Maywho gives speeches every so often and answers questions from the crowd, while making his way around the square and polling for votes. Cindy Lou Who does storytime every hour or so (there’s a schedule posted) where she will come out and read from Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Plus tons of other Whos come out to meet guests and take pictures, including Martha May, all ripped straight from the 2000 film “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” It’s truly amazing and they are so fun to interact with!

Line up for the Grinch as early as you can
The Grinch is out every day. He’s the main event and is super popular! He’s so much fun to meet- he dances, gives fluffy Grinchy hugs, and takes his time to chat with the kids about what they want for Christmas. Because of all this, his line can get pretty long at times. He is out for photos pretty much from opening to sun down (with a break midday). At 5:30p he is a part of the tree lighting ceremony, so he will no longer be available for photos. I highly recommend getting in his line early in the day so as to avoid the longer waits.

Get a picture with Max
Max meets every day too, but he is swapped out often. When we came on a Friday, he didn’t come out until 11A and was only out for 30-40 minutes at a time. Still, his line tends to be shorter and quicker (there’s understandably less interaction with him than with Grinch), so it’s easy to grab a picture with him at some point throughout the day. Make sure to tell him what a good boy he is!!

Grab a spot early for the tree lighting ceremony
We sat down at a table near the Who Snacks around 4:30p to eat an early dinner. We ended up staying there because we had a great view of the tree for the tree lighting ceremony at 5:30p. But, we did notice that people really crowded into the square starting a little before 5p to get a spot to see the tree and the stage. While we had a great view of the actual tree lighting, we couldn’t see very much of the show that they perform on stage with Mayor Maywho, Cindy Lou Who, and the Grinch. Next time, we’ll be sure to get closer to the front to see everything. Afterwards, there is a brief snowfall throughout all of Whoville! It’s all very magical.

Check out the rest of the park
Every inch of Universal Studios is decorated for the holidays and it really is a sight to see! There are so many great photo backdrops and several big Christmas trees that also make for great pictures. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is beautifully decorated and has a toad choir that sings Christmas carols on stage throughout the day, as well as a projection and lights show on the Hogwarts castle at night. I highly recommend catching that while you’re there!

Grinchmas lasts at Universal Studios Hollywood through January 9th. Go experience all the Whoville fun before it’s gone!


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